Software Testing Board is a platform where you can interact with software testing professionals from around the world.

The Begining

Mayur Shah wanted to widen his area of helping people with testing difficulties, so in October 2014 he thought of starting a Q&A forum where people are encouraged to ask any queries related to testing. In few months lot of questions flowing in and so, he decided to allow his users to answer questions and made it an open forum.


Members kept joining and a lot of people asked questions. But for the new members who didn’t know Mayur Shah, there was bigger confusion. Confusion about the website name, the vision of the forum and many things which bothered them but couldn’t understand.

Current Scenario

In February 2017 the forum got migrated to Today, Software Testing Board is the platform to which addresses following categories of people:

  • Software Testing Professionals: Professionals use our platform to find work, ask and answer questions, learn, share and also outsource their work. People who fall into this category are freelancers, full-time employees, and part-time employees.
  • Software Testing Companies: Software Testing companies use our platform to advertise themselves, hire employees or freelancers, learn about trends in the industry.
  • Software Testing Coaching Centers: Coaching centers use our forum to advertise themselves, they also encourage their students to use our forum so they can ask their doubts right away, and learn about latest tools and frameworks.

Alexa info (Last updated date 22nd June 2017):



Our vision is to make one-stop for Software testing, where people can ask, answer, learn, share, hire and get hired.


At Software Testing Board, we have a mission to be one-stop for software testing professionals. Be it a full-time employee or a part-time employee or a freelancer looking for work or the recruiters and companies or coaching centers looking for software testing professionals our culture houses all of them. To achieve this we have a platform where people can learn, share, read and find work, whereas software testing companies and coaching centers hire and advertise themselves.

This site is divided into 9 different parts:

  • User Blogs: Our users write blogs about their experience and views about software testing. You can find those blogs here. To get your own blog published, submit this form.
  • News: The news site has the latest update from the software testing industry. If you are associated with the software testing industry and have any news like your company update, product update or anything else, let our team know by using the contact us form.
  • Lab: So, you are a software testing professional and you have recently found some hack, you can share with the community. To submit your article,  submit this form.
  • Interviews: We usually interview influencers from the software testing industry. You can find those interviews and talk here. Also, you can submit yours by submitting this form.
  • Tutorials: Want to learn tools and technologies? You can identify tutorials in this space. To submit your own tutorial,  submit fill up this form. Also, you can request a new tutorial by contacting us.
  • Jobs: Are you a software testing professional and looking for a job? You can get new jobs updates from Jobs site. If you are an employer, you can post your software testing job.
  • Question and Answer: We have a Question and Answer site for a software testing industry. Do you have a question about software testing? You can ask your question here.
  • Directory: We maintain a directory of software testing companies and software testing training centers. You can find a software testing company or software testing training center near you here. Use this form to list your software testing company or a software testing training center.
  • Reviews: We have people who are interested in sharing their review about software testing product, frameworks, tools, programming languages, methodologies and much more. You can find those reviews here. You can request a new review by contacting us.