Thank you for opting in to be a part of volunteer team for the Q&A site

Hi Volunteer,

Thank you for opting in to be a part of our volunteer team.

Kindly have a look at below YouTube recording to know what you should do as a volunteer.


Here is the presentation used in the YouTube video above.

Hello! This presentation is for those who opted in to be a part of our volunteer team.
First thing first. Thank you so much for opting in.
This slide we are going to talk about how to navigate to the question and answer site.
There are two ways you can navigate to the site,
1. Open your browser and navigate to
2. You can do Google Search “Software Testing Board QnA”
QnA stands for Question and Answer.
Here I have my browser open and you can see the URL loaded.
Also, I do have Google page ready for the query. As you can see the first URL is pointing to the QnA site.

So, why Q&A site?
I love Q&A site for 3 main reasons.
1. I get multiple solutions for my query. So, I will get to approach a solution from multiple perspectives.
2. I can get the best solution as people will upvote the best answer.
3. Every query I post will get a unique URL. I will get to share this URL with my peers and I can get solutions from them.

I have a sample question open for you. Here the user is asking “How to right click on a Selenium WebDriver?”.
As you can see this question has its own unique URL.
This URL you can share it with your peers.
As you can see the user has shared the URL and got multiple responses. And the best answer is pushed to the top based on upvote counts.

Let’s talk about Features of Q&A site.
Q&A site has features like upvote and downvote. Upvote and downvote feature lets you choose the good question and the best answer.
Also, if you have asked a question or you are a moderator, you get to choose the best answer.
You can mark any Tag or a question as your favorite.
You can comment on any question or answer.
You get your own profile and your points will be showcased that you have earned by doing activities.
I insist you go to our start here guide at given URL and learn more about features of the Q&A site.

I have the start-here guide open on my browser. Here is the presentation from SlideShare. And, we have our YouTube playlist embedded. We have 8 small videos in there. Each video explains the different feature of the Q&A site. Go through that and you will learn more about the Q&A site.
If you want to go to the start-here guide, you can go to our Q&A site and you can click “Start-Here” on the top menu or on the menu at the bottom of the page, you can select “About the QnA site”.

The start here guide even mentions the points you earn by asking a question, answering a question, getting upvotes on your question or the answer.
Also, the start here presentation explains how to ask a question, how to answer and how to comment.
So, I insist again. Go and check out this start-here presentation.

What do we need from you?
First, we need you to register to the Q&A site. You can learn about the registration process from the start-here guide.

The next is the promotion.
You can promote the Q&A site in three major ways.
1. You can post a question based on the technology, or framework that you are using. Like, Selenium, JMeter, Jenkins, TestNG, Test Complete. Or, you can even ask questions on, Shift-Left testing, Agile, or anything that is related to Software Testing.
2. After you post a question, or, you can pick any existing question, and share it with your peers through different channels. Like LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype. And ask them to provide the solution. And, upvote or downvote your question or solutions.
3. Answer any question, and, share it with your peers. And, ask them to upvote if they like your solution.
Since you are a registered user, you will earn points while doing the promotion.
We will consider you to be a part of our moderation team once you reach 1000 points. That’s the threshold we have set up for now.

I have the profile of one of our users “Sunil Bhasker” open on my browser. He is a moderator. And privileges he gets is already mentioned in his profile.
He has got 461 points to date. That is way less than our threshold of 1000 points. But, he is part of our core team. So, he is promoted to a moderator.

What kind of questions can you ask?
You can ask questions on manual testing, its concepts, questions on automation tools and frameworks like Selenium. Any new concept you found on automation. Or, any existing concepts will do as well. Mobile test automation, or any query you have, that is related to software testing, you can use this platform to ask.

Why should you join the Q&A site?
There are 5 primary reasons you should join the Q&A site.
1. The Q&A site will act as a communication platform to reach out to other testing experts.
2. You can get the best solution for your query from the community.
3. Earn points by sharing your problem and getting the solution.
4. Showcase your skills by answering questions.
5. You get an online profile that will have your POINTS, questions you have asked, answer you have given and all other activities consolidated.

If you have not joined us yet,
Join us. Go to the Q&A site. Register. Start asking questions, and answering questions. Share queries with others, win 1000 points. And, we will contact you to be a part of our moderation team.

Kindly set the Q&A site as your browser’s homepage at your workplace. That way it will be easy for you to post a query.
Also, you can subscribe to a new question update via RSS, Email notifications, push notification. You can learn more, at our the start-here guide.

If you happen to stumble upon this presentation on the SlideShare or the YouTube video, the link to the consolidated article is present, in the description.

The presentation on the SlideShare is open in my browser. The link to the article is present in the description. I copied the URL and opening in a new tab. It opens the article. This page does not have YouTube video yet as we are producing the one. We will post the video here very soon.

If you happen to have any question, you can contact us via the contact page at
You can send us your valuable feedback via the feedback page. Also, you can comment via the comment section on the article.

Thank you so much, for volunteering. And, your contribution.
Let’s bring more people to the site and make a vibrant community.