how to assert a null pointer exception

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Passing an invalid data throwing "NPE", which is expected. But how to assert those exception.Please provide me some example.

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There are two ways you can do this.

1.) By directly asserting the object is null.


String str = null;
Assert.assertTrue(str == null, "String str is not null");
Or you can try using try catch block to catch NPE and assert it or log it.
}catch(NullPointerException nullPointerException){
System.out.print("Null pointer exception");
//you can do your assertion here
Hope that helps!
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a method returning NPF and i am assertiing it.

ex :
class A{
return null;

Test Class B {
assert (testmethod);
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Assert has to have two values right? Or there should be a boolean value. You can try something like below.


Hope that helps!
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I am trying this , correct me if i am wrong
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This looks good, but how do you see the future of this code? Tomorrow if you are asked to log or implement custom report is that possible to do so by using above code?