How to run tests in multiple browser parallel?

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Is there any other option other than selenium grid?

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Why not selenium grid? Can you provide me with use case / scenario you have?
i am using selenium grid for this but looking any other trick and method.

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2 Answers

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Selenium Grid is meant to be used for parallel execution. It will help you do balancing by adding different nodes to it. At this point, Selenium Grid is the best choice.
But, if you are looking for something which helps you setup Selenium Grid easily, you can have a look at Selenium Grid Extras.
Hope that helps.
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To Answer your first question, "How to run tests in multiple browser parallel?", you can use TestNG framework for parallel execution.

I have developed a framework which will help you with parallel execution.


Maven: http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails%7Cin.mayurshah%7Ctestng-xml-maker-maven-plugin%7C1.0.1%7Cmaven-plugin

Implementation: https://github.com/qamate/orangehrm-selenium-automation


You will have to import given framework into your maven project or you can download JAR file and add it to your build path. Once done, you can extend BaseActions class, that will have all necessary declarations with protected access specified. You can use TestNG.xml file to do parallel execution,


Sample TestNG.xml: https://github.com/qamate/orangehrm-selenium-automation/blob/master/testng.xml


Hope that helps!