Chrome on Selenium WebDriver hangs with many images

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I used ChromeDriver for automation web page interaction for a while, however, there is a random issue I'm not able to resolve. I hope to search help in this community.
I am automating one of my scripts on chrome using Selenium Webdriver. There are many images on the page. Below is my configuration
ChromeDriver: I've tried 2.12 - 2.16, all of them has this issue
Chrome: Version 43.0.2357.134 m
Selenium: 2.44
JAVA: 1.7.79 X86
Symptom: During automation, when I am on the last page, chrome hangs and in status bar of chrome there are some words saying "waiting for pda-ads.amazon.com"...
I've tried below possible ways.
I had a callable task with timeout of 10 sec. In case it hangs on, throw and exception and continue. However webdriver is still stuck and I can not access information provided on last page.
.implicitlyWait(timeOut, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS)
.pageLoadTimeout(timeOut * 3, TimeUnit.SECONDS)
.setScriptTimeout(timeOut * 3, TimeUnit.SECONDS)

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If you are starting it as chromewebdriver I would suggest you to setup a grid and start it as a RemoteWebDriver as if you starting as an instanace of an Eclipse it will have less memory.