I need help in writing test plan

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I am new to writing test plan. I need suggestions in writing test plans.

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You must first learn to plan a test.
You must gain SME(Subject Matter Expert) level knowledge. To do that you should be asking hell lot of questions about domain and about software and user stories.
One of the parts is test estimation.
Here is the list of questions I usually ask.
  1. What is the project? I get description of a story line.
  2. Why do we require it?
  3. What's my target audience?
  4. List/type of users expected to work on an application.
  5. Roles each user will play on a module/ project.
  6. How our application will help targeted user/audience.
  7. What kind of environment is expected?
  8. List of modules project contain.
  9. Purpose of each project
  10. How inter module communication/interaction happens?
  11. Data flow and impact or modifications each module have.
  12. Any default functionality of an environment client is going to use. If it can be excluded from validations.
  13. What are the “quality criteria” of the project?
  14. Installation guide in case module/project requires installation.
  15. How will the change request management be handled? Will it be documented?
  16. Risk associated with module/project and handeling of the same.
  17. Role of each tester in project.
  18. Expectations from testers
  19. What are the necessary resources (hardware, software and documents required to administer and execute testing – Eg., Timer Job in Sharepoint) and the status for its availability?
  20. Test Documentation and execution will be done depending on the time availability and priority of the project/module (Priority for project/module should be decided by project owner (not client))


Thank u so much.  That was very helpful.  Now I understand my mistake.  So that's just the practice makes perfect :)