Appium vs. Espresso

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Can you help me with the difference between Appium vs Express? Also, can you help me decide which one is better?

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Software testing services need highly productive new technologies that are aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives. Software automation testing company is more likely to welcome these new tools and Espresso and Appium are two of them.

Espresso :-
Espresso is developed by Google for the purpose of testing of an Android UI.  Espresso Test Automation framework is open-source tool for developers, which provides a set of APIs to automate UI testcases that run reliably.
Espresso test code utilizes the code from the app under test.
Espresso test is aware of all the application layers and certain layers can be mocked.
Espresso does not support web views.

Appium :-

Appium is an open-source tool for automating native, mobile web, and hybrid applications on Android and iOS platforms. Appium can access all the UI elements that are visible to user on UI.
Appium is designed for a cross-platform "black-box testing" tests and it only know the UI layer of the app. Main advantage for using Appium is cross-platform testing.

Espresso is efficient for Android testing whereas Appium API works for both AndroidDriver and iOSDriver.

Appium have advantages over platform-specific solution:-
1. Appium can share common tests logic for Android and iOS tests on higher level, while there is slightly different implementation on lower level.
2. Appium have easy switching to Selenium for Web development is additional benefit and same API enables the seamlessly switch between the iOS and Android test.
3. Appium can share many classes for Android and iOS tests.
4. Appium have some difficulties in locating elements and speed of longer test scenarios.

Developing automation test with Espresso is not hard and it is fast and reliable. But support for only Android app and no support for web views are few of its limitations. Appium overcomes these limitations for Espresso.

So, depending upon your requirements and considering above points, you can decide the most efficient tool for automating your application.

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