Which API Open source tools are used now in industry?

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Commonly used API Testing tools.Whether that tool is having to track the test case result in dashboard.

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At this point of time, I can think of two possible tools I use for REST automation.

1. REST-Assured (http://rest-assured.io/)

REST Assured brings the simplicity of using these languages into the Java domain. For example if your HTTP server returns the following JSON at “http://localhost:8080/lotto/{id}”:

You can easily use REST Assured to validate interesting things from the response:

@Test public void
lotto_resource_returns_200_with_expected_id_and_winners() {
            get("/lotto/{id}", 5).
            body("lotto.lottoId", equalTo(5),
                 "lotto.winners.winnerId", containsOnly(23, 54));

2. JMeter(http://jmeter.apache.org/download_jmeter.cgi)
Even though, JMeter was created for load testing, we can use it for functional API testing as well.

JMeter includes all the functionality you need to test an API such as parameterization, plus some extra features that can be taken advantage of to enhance your API testing efforts.
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Sir,Thank you for your answer. Could you give me some opinion about SoapUI. Is it used right now.I want to do the API Testing and i need to view the testcase result in dashboard. Whether i can achieve using these open source tool as REST-Assured, JMeter and SoapUI
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There are two things you should consider.

If your API is REST API, I would go with REST-Assured. As, you can build it through CI and visualize the report.
If your API is SOAP API, you can go with SOAP UI. But, down the line, it is not free and has to be purchased in the future.

So, depending on your API type, you can choose the tool. Since you asked, opensource, I did not suggest SOAP UI.

Conclusion, REST-Assured for the REST API and SoapUI for SOAP API
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JMeter is not yet good with reporting
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Sir,Thank you for spending your valuable time to give the answer.
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1> Rest assured (open  source tools)

following plugin need to be downloaded here:

json-schema-validator,json-path,rest-assured &testng in dependencies

2> Jmeter (load testing) but you can test rest api

best site to learn : www.artoftesting.com
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I just found this list and thought it might help

Top 10 API testing tools - https://medium.com/@alicealdaine/top-10-api-testing-tools-rest-soap-services-5395cb03cfa9

They include several options for API testing:

- SoapUI (Free & Paid)

- Postman (Free & Paid)

- Katalon Studio (Free)

- Apigee (Free trial & Paid)

- JMeter (Free)

- Rest-Assured (Free)

- Assertible (Free & Paid)

- Karate DSL (Free)