How to convince scrum master in scrum meeting that bug is still pending and not go live this iteration?

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2 Answers

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Many times there comes a situation where quality assurance services need to convince the scrum master for delaying the release of a feature due to existing bugs. In such cases, we can do the following:

- Explain the impact of bug in the application
- Prepare the use cases explaining the impact of bug on the end users.
- Explain the severity of the bug and the functionality being hampered due to that.
- Explain the impact of the defect for the mass customer base and business flow
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If you cant find RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and sometime you cant get steps to reproduce , but you know this is a bug and it go live then application can give http error like 500 or some other.On that case, what i will do.
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Hi Bharat,

Thanks for writing to us.

- In case QA is unable to find RCA, then we should keep an eye on the application logs which can help Dev team to fix the issue.

- Also, We can evaluate the user data which is throwing the respective error. so that we can investigate if the issue is reproducible for particular data only.

- Further, As a good QA practice we must report such defects in the tracking tool and mention the frequency of occurrence(For Example : 1 out of 10 times). So that these issues are discussed in Scrum meeting and best could be done at right time.

I hope I answered your question.

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Maybe you should state the impact (severity) of the issue in the application. If it goes to production, then the user might find difficult to use the application. Thanks