Hi friends,

             I recorder a script and its process is

Goto url -> sign in -> create an order .

In this scenario with the help of csv data config i can perform multiple user can do this process

but in real time if 20 user's login to my application and will not create order at same time 

i) some of them will create order

ii) some of them will view the status of the order

iii) some of them will download the bills etc

my que's 

consider if i entered 20 user's means 5 of them will create order -> 5 of them will view the order status -> 5 of them will download the bills -> 5 of the will simply view my application 

how to perform the above scenario ? in jmeter

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I solved this one

using CSV data config am passing user name and password

after the process of sign in i created an if controller and i check the user name if it matches it will perform specific action.

it will be useful for same Account type's

if this one is not correct process means

Tell me other way to solve this  ?
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I think you have provided incomplete answer , please check my previous answer
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I Added Thread group
I Added Transaction controller
And I run the Process
MyPage --> Transaction controller
Sign_In --> Transaction controller
IF Controller Username == Abhi
Create_Order --> Transaction controller
IF Controller Username == Shek
Check_Dashboard --> Transaction controller

So based on user name it will execute the process (create_order and Check_Dashboard)
This way of process is correct ?