When a defect is found during beta testing, who will be logging it and what will be the role of the user?

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3 Answers

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Lets first understand that what is Beta Testing - when a set of Users are testing an application in pre-launch phase, to collect the Users feedback.

So, if these users will find a Bug - These users will not have access to Bug reporting application and also, can we ask an user to write the detailed of Bugs (summary, Description, attachment, steps to reproduce...), ideally NO.. then how the bugs are reported - So users are reporting the bug in brief format or we need to understand the behavior of issue. We will then replicate the same scenario in our local environment and then we will log the bugs. For example if you sign in amaazon app a Beta tester, and you find a bug.. so Will amaazon give you the access of the bug tool to log the bug.? Probably no... Remember during Beta testing application is strictly monitored by all the team and each error and exception is analysed thoroughly.
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Amazing Sujit ... Thnx for explaining in small & effective way!!!
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Here is how it works in my organization, we have made 3 different projects in JIRA. One is in which we the QA team log issues during our internal testing. One is when we give build to client for UAT. If he finds any issues he logs in UAT project. And then there is a SUPPORT project. When build is officially launched and if a client reports an issue then it is logged in SUPPORT by a company support representative. 

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Beta Testing is done by customer or end user on pre-launch and as we can't give access for any other tool as they are not aware , We can tell them mention issue in sheet (Excel) or email us and tell us how you got bug, same we will do on local, pre-pod and likewise we will fix.