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2 Answers

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Test Plan ; Test Plan is plan of action which is created by Test manager,Test lead where focus is on Timelines,Resources,Entry and Exit criteria,Strategy to follow to complete test,(Black box white Box ) Tools req will come under Test Plan.

  • Test Plan is project related (project wide)
  • Test Plan be One or two or multiples,
  • Test Plan can be changeable.
  • Test strategy 
  • Test Strategy is organization wide term.
  • Strategy define by project manager, Team lead ,
  • Strategy we can not change easily.
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Test Plan: It's a overall plan for any for testing process in company how to start with testing. It defines with manpower requires, environment set up role & responsibility of an individual.

Test Strategy: It's a part of test plan. Test Strategy is different from different set of project. It defines the over testing approach along with what is the entry & exit criteria for each of it. Also it differs from project to project. An ecommerce project is different from insurance project. It is used by Project Managers, Test lead & Testers.