What are the Seven Testing Principles?

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3 Answers

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Seven Principle of  software Testing : 

Testing shows presence of defects. : No application is bug free.

  • Exhaustive testing is not possible. : End to End testing impossible. With all combinations.
  • Early testing. Testing should start early as document creation.
  • Defect clustering. Small number of bugs contain more bugs
  • Pesticide paradoxSmall module have more defects.
  • Testing is context dependent. Ecommerce testing is different than Insurance product testing.
  • Absence of errors fallacy. Software testing is not about finding and fixing defect, it's all about operational use.
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AS per ISTQB Seven Testing Principles are : 
1) Testing shows presence of defects
2) Exhaustive testing is impossible
3) Early testing
4) Defect clustering
5) Pesticide paradox
6) Testing is context dependent
7) Absence – of – errors fallacy


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  1. Testing shows presence of defects
  2. Exhaustive testing is impossible
  3. Early testing
  4. Defect clustering
  5. Pesticide paradox
  6. Testing is context dependent
  7. Absence of error – fallacy