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Bug Report - As per name, this is report is for BUG. As a tester we identify the issue we create a Bug, at this point of time we are just a creator or reporter. This report must have the enough data which is informative to... all 

I would recommend below format for BUG Report:

Bug ID: an unique ID of the Bug

Title/Summary of Bug: example <Login> button is not working when user fills the password first and then user name

Bug Description: This section will have as much information about the incident. example - User open the browser and navigate to url: www.abc.com, on this page, user fills the Password and then user name. User clicks on <login> button, but this click is not working. User is blocked to login.

Steps to Reproduce: write all the steps which is reproducing the issue example: 

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. type the url: www.anc.com
  3. type the password 
  4. type the user name
  5. press TAB button to focus on <Login button>
  6. Click on <Login> button

Test Data: 

Test Environment: Chrome browser (version 60.9344) on Windows 10

Attachment: attach any referenced documents like screenshots or excel files

Issue Severity: rank the issue in terms of Issue severity (Critical, High, Medium, Low)

And Few Other feilds you may add: like - 

  • Date and Time of Creation, 
  • Reported By, 
  • Assigned to 

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Defect ID, Description, Steps to reproduce, Expected Result, Actual Result, Environment, Test data
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Defect Summary: <Headline>

Descriptions: <Defect Details>

Steps to reproduce: <Steps>

Expected: <Result>

Actual: <Result>

Severity/Priority: <>

Environment details: <Device>, <OS>, <Browser>, <Version> etc.