How to minimize team meetings in Agile

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We follow agile. We have too many meetings. We spend close to two hours in meetings. How do we minimize this?

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Agile with scrum is more about providing daily updates. In the scrum you discuss about what you're working on. What you're planning to work on next and if you have any blocker. Usuallly its good to discuss on daily basis. We have team of 25 people and we all get a time to talk for 1 to 1 and half minute. This leads to long meetings, it even takes one and half hour sometimes to complete the scrum.

We reduced this by introducing scrum of scrums. We all got divided into teams of 5. We will choose one person to be our scrum master to take notes of our tasks and blockers. Than all those 5 scrum masters from each team will have another call with main scrum master and provide them with our tasks and blocker in case of any. Also evey indevidual will drop an email to the team in case of any blocker they have. This way everyone will be informed on what we are working on, what's our plan and what are the blockers we have. This approach worked really well for our team.

Let us know more about your team and I can provide you batter solution.