Can you explain workflow?

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Can you explain workflow in details and how to implement the same?

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This project is developed keeping page object pattern in mind.

So you need to create two packages inside your project.

<your comapny URL reverse package>.Actions

<your comapny URL reverse package>.PageObjects

Every class inside Actions package will extend BaseActions from framework and every PageObject should extend BasePageObject.

Here is sample PabeObject class.


You can have a look at project setup by checking out above project.

BaseActions: It takes care of initiating beforeSuite and After Suite as well as Before Method and After method activities, such as initiating report directory, initiating remote driver, initiating db communication.

BasePageObject: It defines structure of PageObject class. Also it has basic methods to work with elements.

Package has four major packages.

DTO: It is used to maintaing objects for reporting and utilizing the same for reporting later.

Base: It has xRemoteWebDriver which is extenstion of RemoteWebDriver, BasePageObject and BaseActions.

Reporting: It has all classes necessary for reporting purpose.

Util: It has utility classes such as,Reading excel file, sending an email, Managing property file, Zipping report, etc.


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What is error handling and recovery scenario, how did you implement in your project?