Is there any disadvantage of xpath.?

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Now I learnt how to locate elements with xpath .I am just right clicking
and copying the XPATH.
Now life seems to be lot easier than trying to find with others like cssselector, etc.
Is there any disadvantage of xpath.

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there is not disadvantage of xpath. If you use relative xpath it will be helpful.

xpaths are not mostly supposed on earlier version of browsers, spetially Internet Explorer. IE doesn't support nth-child. Also many of mobile browsers spetially iphone safari will not support xpath. So if you are developing script for more  number of browsers, I would suggest avoiding xpath.

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Thanks Mayur for the answer.I will take care while coding for Mobile browsers and IE.          In these cases we have to use other selectors like ID,name,className etc Isnt it.

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Yes. Try using CSS selector as well instead.