Currently the application I am working on throws 404 error while using custom path.




@Controller @RequestMapping(value = "/orderconfirmation") public class OrderConfirmationController {

.... .... ...

@RequestMapping(value = "{TId}",method = RequestMethod.GET) public String getOrderConfirmation(@PathVariable String TId, Model model) { .... some code here ... model.addAttribute("transaction",transaction); return "orderconfirmation"; }

... ... ...



It triggers the controller as during debug I can go through the controller. But after completion it throws 404 error. Any idea?

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I guess batter option for you is to pass TId as URL parameters as below.


http://localhost/..yourwebapp../orderconfirmation?TId={your tid here}.


You can read in controller as given below.


@RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String getOrderConfirmation(@RequestParam(value = "TId") String TId, Model model) {

//... ... ...