how do I create maven project on Eclipse?

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Can you help me with detailed explaination on how to create project using Eclipse IDE?

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Here are steps to create maven project with Eclipse.
1.  In the Eclipse IDE, navigate to File | New | Other… in order to get the project creation wizard.
2. Expend the Maven folder and choose Maven Project. Click Next.
3. Choose Create a simple project. This will create basic project with Maven enabled. If you are sure you need advanced option, you can leave this option unchecked. Now click NEXT.
4. Enter information about your maven project. The Group Id should be driven from your organisation, e,g, for website http://mayurshah.in, we use in.mayurshah.  The Artifact Id should be your project name. You can keep version as it is. Fill out any other information you need, and click Finish.
5. You will now notice that your project has been created. You will place your Java code in/src/main/java, resources in /src/main/resources, and your testing code and resources in /src/test/java and /src/test/resources respectively.
6. Thats All! You can open the pom.xml file to have a look at the structure Maven has set up.