How may I drive Jmeter tests from Selenium Webdriver?

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JMeter is used to measure performance of the server where Selenium WebDriver is browser automation tool.  Both will carry a different test suite with a different set of test cases with different set of steps. Executing JMeter performance tests with selenium does not make any sense to me.
Say you have a regression suite with 1000 tests, that includes positive, negative and complete code coverage, to be executed. You have automated 900 of those. It does not make any sense to execute all those 11 tests using JMeter. Performance testing is all about making sure that the server could perform when certain combinations of users from certain geographic area are performing certain actions. Example, for a ticket booking website, I would like to make sure that the ticket is booked properly. That will be my test case to do performance testing. I will not really care about registration part, as the user will register only once. Once a user is registered, they can book tickets as many times as they want.
Ultimately you will end up with performance suite with 9-8 test cases in it max. So for 8-9 test cases you do not need to automate it. You can manually do that and it will make more sense.
Also, if you create JMeter tests from JMeter supplied GUI, you will be able to make use of more of JMeter features such as Parameterization, events, Assertions, Triggers, etc.
I would suggest you to keep JMeter and Selenium WebDriver apart.
Hope that helps.