Do you provide selenium webdriver consulting? How to contact you? [closed]

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Hi Mayur,


I am looking for a selenium webdriver consultant. I have a website which I really need to be automated. Can you tell me how can I contact you? How much do you charge per hour?


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Hi Peter,

You can write me at: [email protected].

For you reference here is my profile.

I've automated more than 16 applications and more than 25000 test cases in 6 different browsers including, IE9, IE10, IE edge, firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and Mobile browsers.

Automation Testing:

o Test Automation using Selenium, Cucumber, TestNG, JBehave, JUnit etc.

o Business benefits of my automation framework:

1) Dynamic, reusable, best suitable for repetitive executions & easily maintainable.

2) Can be executed against different URLs/Environments of application.

3) Cross browser execution compatible (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Opera).

4) Execution on multiple browsers or multiple machines is possible at the same time.

5) Automation & execution of mobile browser functionalities is biggest advantage.

6) Customized HTML results reporting.

7) Proper screenshots will be automatically linked to passed & failed steps. Failed parts will be marked with Red border in screenshot.

8) Automatic email notification containing results will be sent to intended recipients.

9) Suites can be divided into smoke & regression suites, so quick execution & detailed execution both purposes can be fulfilled.

Here are the few links which states my work.

UpWork Profilehttp://www.upwork.com/o/profiles/users/_~01fe41433fecad75a2/

Below are the links to some of projects done by me:

1. I have designed a frame work for Selenium WebDriver in Java.

Link to frame-work: https://github.com/selenium-webdriver-software-testing/kspl-selenium-helper

Artifact, result of above framework is hosted on Maven central repository as well. http://search.maven.org/#artifactdetails%7Cin.mayurshah%7Cselenium-helper%7C1.0.0%7Cjar

2. I have automated few test cases for OrangeHRM using above framework.

 Link: https://github.com/qamate/orangehrm-selenium-automation

Video explaining PageObject Model implemented for OrangeHRM.


Apart from this, I have team of freelancers who are actively looking for work. They constantly collaborate using my testing forum http://mayurshah.in. We can utilize them as well based on their score. You can see their score here

-Mayur (+91 9940228234)

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Dear Peter,

You may contact me at [email protected]

Best regards,