Hi there,

I am able to select and show only one email item on gmail but do not know yet how to click on that item. I tried the Console but not able yet.


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Can you share your code and error as well??
Hi Mayur,
I am using Chrome gmail and need to click to email message and see its contents. I know how to filter it and but not sure how to use JavaScript/jQuery to click on the shown item. I was looking for a gmail api that I can use with JavaScript. There are no errors just an action to click on the the email body. I am also looking into Google Gmail Api for possible ideas.


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From your comment I understood that you're looking for a JavaScript click event.

Say, below is your HTML element.

<input type="checkbox" id="myChkBox" onmouseover="myFn()" onclick="alert('Clicked!')">


You can click by below function.

function myFn() { //This function will be invoked while you mouse over an element
    document.getElementById("myChkBox").click(); // This function will click on the element


Hope that helps. Feel free to reply with your comment.

Thank you again for your time. I know how to reproduce the click event with Selenide but my question is that I do not really know the ID of the row during runtime since it's a dynamic id naming process. The gmail message displays a label Inbox and I need to get its ID. I think I'm almost there by using loop and filtering.
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Yes, loop and filtering is something we need to do when we are dealing with rows. Try that and let me know if you are stuck.