What is codeception? How do you use it?

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Recently I got a requirement from the client. They want me to write code using codeception. Can you help me with installation steps and how to use it?

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Codeception is testing framework for PHP. It is designed to support all three types of testing.

Unit testing, Functional testing, and Acceptance testing.

You can install codeception via composer or phar. You can have a look at quick start guide here.http://codeception.com/quickstart

Once you have installed codeception. Just do codecept bootstrap. It will generate codeception.yml and tests directory. And inside it, it will generate acceptance tests, functional tests, and unit tests directory.

Once you have all set up ready, based on your requirements, you can start your test.

You can check out what codeception is and write your review about it here: https://softwaretestingboard.com/reviews/2017/12/14/codeception-review-php-testing-framework/#axzz51DDdjRa9