How to apply page object pattern to SPA?

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I have a task to automate Single Page Application (SPA). In SPA there is no pages. There only one page.
How to apply page object design pattern to SPA? Perhaps there are universal rules for splitting SPA on pages?

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In the  Page Object model, we usually create new class for each new generated URL. In case of SPA, there will be some set of element which makes it different. It will be dividied by iframes atleast. So, each iframe will be your new class file.

Tell me more about your SPA in comment.
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It has a top menu and a very long page. When you press on a specific menu item, the page scrolls to the specific location.
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Usually in such case we consider each menu item as a page. So eg. your menu item says "About Us", your PageObject class name will be AboutUsMenuPage.java

Hope that answered your question.