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how to use already opened browser for testing instead of opening a new one.

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Every time I run my selenium code from eclipse, webdriver launches a new browser and executes my tests. I need a way to re-use a previously opened browser; so webdriver would open browser the first time, then the second time, i run my eclipse program, I want it to simply pick up the previous browser instance and continue to run my tests on that same instance. 

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You can use below code to continue to use existing Firefox browser. You can use RemoteWebDriver class and get existing instance from the URL http://localhost:7055/hub.


System.Uri uri = new System.Uri("http://localhost:7055/hub");
WebDriver = new RemoteWebDriver(uri, DesiredCapabilities.Firefox());

Java uri = new"http://localhost:7055/hub");
WebDriver = new RemoteWebDriver(uri, DesiredCapabilities.Firefox());


driver = webdriver.Remote(

Hope that helps!

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