Integrating Robot Franework

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Hi all,

My comapny uses HP-QC for bug tracking. And recently we have acquired a project which uses Robot Framework 2.7.7

It is like connecting QTP to QC.
Can anyone tell me how to interegrate them?

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There are definitley many ways to achieve this, but I am familiar with 3 of them:

  1. Use VAPI (Visual Application Programming Interface). VAPI integrator has capability of launching third part applications which can be used to launch ROBOT test suite. The VAPI integrator can get inputs from this dynamically updated file as test cases keep on updating results.
  2. REST API - You can even create a client application or module based on the API to create, read, update, and delete entities.
  3. Open Test Architecture API - Open Test Architecture API is a COM library that enables you to integrate external applications with ALM/QC.

Hope it helped.

answered Apr 4 by Sagar Shah (143 points)