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MSBuild option not found in Jenkins Configuration page

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I have downloaded Jenkins-War ,Run Jenkins using below command:

Java -jar jenkins.war

In Browser : http://localhost:8080/ and Jenkins Dashboard opends.

I want to configure jenkins for MSBuild (c# project)

I have installed MSbuild Plugin for MSbuild setup, But when I go to "Configure System" Section, MSBuild project section did not display, please suggest for same

You can chech in screen-shot:

1. -MSBuild plugin installed: 


2. Go to ""Configure System": 


3. In Configuration Section: MSBuild Section not displayed, While I have searched on internet that "MS Build" section must be present in "Configuration Section"  

below are screen-shot : 




Please help, How to configure for MSBuild/MSTest , because MSBuild section not displayed , while MSBuild plugin already installed.


2 Answers

Can you try restarting your Jenkins? Maybe you should shut down the Jenkins, exit command prompt and start it again.

Let us know your views in the comment
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I already tried many times, this does not worked.
I believe this option is moved to

Manage Jenkins -> Global Tool Configuration ->  MSBuild

Can you check there and see if you find it there?
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