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Are there any free tools for Accessibility testing automation?

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I trying to get my hands on Accessibility testing automation. Are there any free tools which are easy to use for beginners like me?

Thanks in advance.

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Web accessibility refers to the access of web for everyone by removing any potential glitches in the accessibility of internet to people with disabilities.

It is important to provide equal opportunity to each and everyone. So, accessibility Testing makes any application fulfill legal liabilities and makes the application/product usable even for those with multiple forms of disabilities.

Accessibility basics can include:

  • Document structure & hierarchy
  • HTML semantics
  • Ensure accessibility of non-HTML content
  • Color contrast
  • Provide headers for data tables
  • Provide appropriate alternative text
  • Focus management
  • Keyboard interactivity

Enterprise Accessibility Testing Tools are expensive and some software testing companies use tools which can cost upto $ 100,000 depending upon the specific needs of clients.

However there are many open source tools which can be configured properly to achieve better results.

Below is the list of commonly used accessibility tools:

  • AChecker
  • Accessibility Viewer
  • Asqatasun
  • Accessibility Valet
  • WAVE – Web Accessibility Versatile Evaluator
  • AATT (Automated Accessibility Testing Tool)
  • COMPLYFirst Professional

As organizations are becoming aware of internet accessibility, they ensure that their content can be accessed by a broader population.

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