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What should a Software QA Person essentially Know?

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I have been working as a test automation engineer since beginning of my career. I rarely got a chance to write test cases and do test planning. I can not say that I have done the real Software QA stuff, as I am mostly involved in automating everything that takes manual efforts. I am good with technical.

Currently, I am working on a ETL project which does not have much of QA related works. We are currently dealing with large data. But, role of a QA is very limited. It is more like an analyst.

Can give me list of things I should be knowing and learning?

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ETL- Extract Transform-Load is all about validating the data and the process in which data is transferred from Source to a Target System.
Similar to other types of testing, ETL also follows the same basic principles of testing.

As an ETL tester, one should know the following:

  • Basic knowledge on database concepts
  • Data validation
  • Data Completeness
  • The transformation logic used on the extracted data.
  • Data Integrity
  • SQL Queries
  • System Performance testing
  • ETL Concepts
  • DWH knowledge

ETL testing is a broad process and requires good analytical skills resulting which ETL testers are in high demand in many QA testing companies.

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Thank you Sumit. I'm asking more generic question. Not only about ETL testing. Can you share something on that?

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