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After starting chrome driver ,How to make it allow for "Remote connections" too?

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Below are the following possibilities tried:
1.Using desired capabilities.        
        DesiredCapabilities desiredCapabilities =;
        desiredCapabilities.setCapability("", Arrays.asList("--whitelisted-ips=''"));

2.Using Chromedriver service
       ChromeDriverService service =new ChromeDriverService.Builder().withWhitelistedIps("").withVerbose(true).build();

3.Using chrome options

       ChromeOptions chromeOptions = new ChromeOptions();

driver=new ChromeDriver(desiredCapabilities/service/chromeOptions);

For all above types,it still says 

Starting ChromeDriver 2.29.461591 (62ebf098771772160f391d75e589dc567915b233) on port 11109
Only local connections are allowed.


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It looks like you have not set network proxy. You need to set network proxy and define IP and the Port as given below.

capabilities.setCapability("network.proxy.http", "IP here");
capabilities.setCapability("network.proxy.http_port", "Port here");

Also, I do not see chromedriver.exe path mentioned.

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