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how to generate test data?

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I am currently got an assignment where I am supposed to generate test data. Can you give me guidance on how to generate test data? Where do I start?

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Test automation services and functional testing services generate their test data according to the testing environment. The test data is generated in synchronization with the test cases you need to execute.
It is always recommended that the test data should be generated before stepping into execution process. This will save time for execution process and it will not exceed your execution deadlines.

In the beginning, analyze the type of test data you require and which your application supports. Then, create some sample test data to ensure that the format is correct and supported by the domain.

In case you are unable to analyze the requirement, then take help of the developer for understanding the basic requirement of the application.

If you need to create huge amount of test data, then use any automated tool to reduce the manual effort.

Once, you are able to start the test data creation than pre-plan the scenarios you are covering like data for checking boundary value conditions, huge test data for performance and load testing, invalid set of data for performing negative testing, valid set of test data, etc.

Here are some basic ways for creating test data:

  • Manual process
  • Using automated test data generation tools
  • Copying the test data from production environment to test environment
  • Generating test data using database queries
  • Using automated script for generating data


Few Automated Test Data Generating Tools

DTM Data Generator

GS Data Generator

Advanced Data Generator

Datanamic Data Generator MultiDB

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Thank you Sumit :)

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