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Jenkins: How to convert Result of C# Selenium (MS Unit Test Freamwork - Result : .trx file) to XML or HTML report with

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I am working on C# Selenium Automation Testing Project (It is a MS Unit Test project, It is not a NUnit Test),
I have configured my solution in Jenkins for CI execution.
I have used MSBuild Test plugin for Test Execution.

After Test Suite successfully executed, The result is Generated in .trf file (It is a default  output formate of C# Selenium Test with MS Unit Test )
Please let me know the Post build step so that I can received my Test Result in HTML from jenkins.

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trx2html is the thing you should be using.

download the trx2html file here -
unzip and put the files in C:\Program Files (x86)\trx2html

You can execute it from the command line with below command:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\trx2html\0.6\trx2html.exe" TestResult.trx

You can add same as a post build step in Jenkins. In post build step, execute it as a batch command.

Also, make sure that above software is added at the server your Jenkins server is running.

Hope that helps!

answered Jul 20 by ChatBot (196 points)
commented Jul 20 by AutomateAnything (58 points)
Thanks, I will implement this one, Also If there are multiple trx file result in TestResult forlder, How to run this batch command for latest result only.

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