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Can you give me sample of bug report you have written?

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I'm looking for a sample bug report. Can you share a sample bug report.

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Bug report provided by qa testing services should be precise so that developer can understand the issue at once. Therefore, defect description should contain following information:

a) Summary: The summary should be short and descriptive. It should be created in such a way that the bug base searching can point to the bug effeciently.

b) Pre-requisites: The pre-conditions/ requirements to reproduce the bug should be provided.

c) Steps to Reproduce: Step-wise description to reproduce the defect.

d) Actual Result: A short summary of what is actually happening. It should not be too detailed but should give a clear picture of the defect. It could be extended to 2-3 sentences to describe the observations.

e) Expected Result: The desired behavior should be described in this section.

f) What's working: In case any workaround is available for the defect or the same functionality is working fine anywhere in the application. Then it should be provided in this section to ease the developer in rectifying the issue on backend.

g) Screen-shot or Video: Attach/Upload the screenshots or video to reproduce and understand the defect.

h) Environment: OS, Browser, Test Application Version details where the defect is occurring


Below is the sample bug report:

TV is not getting powered on after pressing 'Power' button from remote.

1) Ensure that TV and remote are available.

Steps to Reproduce:
1) Switch on the TV.
2) Hold the remote.
3) Press 'Power (green)' button from remote.
4) Observe the behavior.

Actual Result:
Power screen flashes for sometime and the black screen is displayed.

Expected Result:
TV should get started and Home screen should be displayed after clicking 'Power' button from remote.

What's working:
TV is getting started after clicking 'Power' button from TV (button available under TV screen's on border panel).

TV: Brand/Model


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