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how can i do the reporting for script developed using protractor JS?

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In my current project, we are asked to use Protractor JS to do test automation. So far we have used our own Java framework to automate the web application. I have heard of ngWebDriver. But, I am not sure if that is the ideal way to combine JavaScript and Java. I am planning to use mocha as my testing framework. Can you suggest me any good reporting plugin or tool that I can integrate with it?

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There are a lot of good reporting tools out there. It depends on the framework that you're choosing for Protractor tests.

For example, if you're using jasmine 2 as the default framework, then apart from jasmine-spec-reporter, you can use allure-reporter, which has a nice GUI for reporting.

If you're using mocha as the default framework, there are mocha reporters that will make your job easier. Mochawesome is one of the best reporting tools for mocha.

If you're using CucumberJS with Protractor, then you can opt for protractor-cucumber-reporter.

A regular google search with the names of the reporter will give their git links which mentions the set up.
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You can use

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