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What is the right way to add a check point on TestComplete?

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I am working on TestComplete,

I am currently adding checkpoint as below,

  If aqString.Compare(The_Actual_List,Expected_List,false) = 0 Then
    Log.Message("The list is updated fine.")
    Log.Warning("The list is wrong!. Not Expected as " & The_Actual_List)
  End If

Is adding Log.Warning a right way to add a checkpoint in TestComplete?

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Checkpoint: It is a verification operation performed by software testing services during testing to make sure whether the tested application works properly.

As there are certain checkpoints, therefore it depends on the type of checkpoint that needs to be added. Few are listed below:
a) Property Checkpoint: Operation that checks the property value.
b) Database Checkpoint: To verify the changes made in database by application are as expected.
c) Web checkpoints: To verify if the webpage do not contain any broken links.

Checkpoints can be added as listed below:
a) Property CheckPoint: aqObject.CheckProperty
b) Database CheckPoint: DBTables.DBTableCheckpointName.Check
c) Web comparison CheckPoint: WebTesting.WebComparisonCheckpointName.Check
d) Web Accessibility Checkpoint: WebTesting.WebAccessibilityCheckpointName.Check

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Thank you, Rajeev.
There are two ways you can add a checkpoint.

1. Doing it manually.
2. Using add checkpoint feature of TestComplete. While recording tests, you can click Add Checkpoint button. It will open a wizard that will walk you through adding a checkpoint.

There is no wrong way to do it as far as it serves your purpose.
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