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What do you think will be a future of Manual Testing?

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Hi Guys,

I am currently working as a Manual Tester. I am little curious as my peers started to learn programming languages and are moving towards test automation.

What do you think will be a future of Manual Test and Manual Testing?


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As software becomes more sophisticated and interconnected with our physical world, traditional approaches to testing will need to evolve. The tools, techniques, and approaches to testing must evolve. When dealing with smarter systems, tests are not as simple as an action and a known expectation. Sometimes the expectations won’t be known and it won’t be clear how systems will react in certain situations. 

Testers will really need to explore and be extremely creative in their scenario generation to determine how these “smart” systems react. They’ll also need to be sensitive to what these reactions truly mean for customers. Customer will never accept the product without complete testing. As long as developers are developing projects we will be testing them either for new development or for some small changes. Testing will always be needed.

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