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What is static testing and dynamic testing?

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I heard the term Static Testing and Dynamic testing somewhere. Can you explain those terms in brief?

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To provide the best quality assurance services, software testing company prefers to follow the both types of testing (Static and Dynamic Testing).

Static testing is a technique that does not require the program code to be executed. Rather, it manually examine the program's code and its associated documentation. It is required at the initial phase of testing to prevent the early in defect STLC. It can be done before compilation of code and it generally takes shorter time. Static testing is the verification process and it includes the below types:

  1. Requirement document review
  2. Design document Review
  3. Source Code review
  4. Test Plans Review
  5. Test Cases Examination
  6. Test Scripts Examination
  7. Review the Web Page content

The Dynamic testing is a technique which require the program code to be executed and it checks the functional/ dynamic behavior of the code. Main objective of dynamic testing is to validate if the software is compiled and executed successfully to analyze the parameters like CPU usage, memory usage, response time and overall performance. In Dynamic Testing, test cases are executed manually or by automation tool. Dynamic testing is the validation process performed in below mentioned levels:

  1. Unit Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. System Testing
  4. Acceptance Testing
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