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How do I start a career in Software Testing?

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I am new to the Software Industry. I am graduating this year. I would like to know how do I start my career into Software Testing.

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You can follow some good links like

toolsqa, guru99, softwaretestinghelp etc
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Hi Bharat, All the mentioned resources are great as an entry point. Also, you can share your own experience and experience of your peers on how they started their career and what really helped them to improvise in their career. Apart from the resources given. That will add value to this question as well.
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Hi Sir,I am just clearify things which i have started my career with all stuffs.Its better to take training in best institutes in delhi/ncr region or some where else and side by side brush up all basic knowledge
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Sounds good.
Hi Sumit

There are various ways to gain knowledge on software testing . I am a self made tester who moved from leading teams in a BPO to the IT industry and have about 6+ years of experience (This sentence is just to establish my credibility). I would suggest to read the book "Lessons learned in Software Testing" .I would consider this as a bible in software testing. In parallel pick a programming language ( Java or C#) and aim to get a mastery in that language. Also attend as many testing meetups/Conferences . This will help you to network and learn from others experiences. If you want to master testing , try the BBST courses .  As i always say being a tester is not a career but a way of life.
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