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Any API Testing tools open source or trial version have dashboard option to view the test status

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I want to do API Automation Testing. That tool should have to show the test case status(Pass/Fail) in dashboard. For Ex:

In eclipse i can see the test status in console itself.Instead of viewing in console, show the status in dashboard.Any Rest Api tool is there.

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If you want good reports, I suggest you to combine Serenity with REST-Assured. That's one of the great combination to work for API testing.

Apart from that, you can even look into SOAP UI.

I personally suggest Serenity and REST Assured as it will be free, open source and I can easily push my code to Jenkins.
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Thank you sir.
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Hello Sir ,
can you please explain serenity how we connect with rest assured
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Sure. Can you please post this as a new question?

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