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What is the difference between SOAP API and REST API?

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Difference between SOAP VS REST API :

SOAP is a protocol and REST is architecture. It allows us to send SOAP envelops to REST based applications.

REST supports different message formats but SOAP permits XML only.

REST services are faster and easy to handle.

SOAP is tied with SMTP and HTTP protocols whereas REST relies on HTTP only.

SOAP is more secure and structured format.

REST does not depend on any specific standards as it supports various messaging formats like JSON, CSV and XML.

SOAP web services allow us to build the client with RESTful services.

SOAP was introduced for distributed computing.

After REST’s entry, it accommodated the web by its performance and scalability as it is a light weight component.

REST is stateless whereas SOAP is a state-ful specification.

REST uses Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and it has the methods like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE to expose their resources.

SOAP uses named operations and interfaces to achieve its business logics.

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