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How to handle QA and testing in a scrum environment?

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how do you make QA, and the bug fixes that come with it, work well in the scrum?

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Following Points according to me:

Attend sprint-Planning sessions

Attend Daily Stand up
Dont save all the testing for the end; test throughout the sprint
Meet with the developers for bug fixes and if he /she dont fixes then talk to directly Product Owner or Test Manager
Attend Sprint retrospective
Document Test cases and if bugs found in production when release deploy then take RCA Urgent and hot fix release go live.


Agile point of view::

Understand user stories and acceptance criteria

User stories get clarified from the respective stakeholders where there is insufficient information

High level test strategy has to be decided for whole release

All the risk that might occurs at the time of release needs to be noted or documented

Number of testing types need to be decided and discussed

Estimate time for each user story test case creation and execution

Break user stories into different testing tasks

Decide each story test coverage

Acceptance criteria for user stories needs to be defined

Understand and plan for user stories automation and support various levels of testing
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