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How do you test a progressive web application?

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What is a progressive web application? How do you test it?

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am also having the same question but i will add some points in terms of Automation Testing.(Selenium)

1) For Web Application We have framework's such as data driven,hybrid, Modular,keyword etc.

2) For Mobile(Native apps, hybrid apps) appium framework

3) For Progressive-web-application ?

Since Progressive web application is based on web technologies

so we can use same frameworks in  web application or there's some other framework which use for Progressive web application.
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Thank you for the input.
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My  previous comment is valid one are not
(Comment for this question)

i upload my comment as a new question in stackExchange but they  tag my question on hold ...
anything is wrong ...
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@Abhishek, I am not sure why is your answer is on hold at StackExchange.

Here, the validity of the answer is decided by users. They upvote and downvote on question or the answer to decide the best answer among all.

P.S.: I suggest you to share this question page with your peers and ask them to register and upvote to decide if the answer is right or not!

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