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jmeter Performance Testing Using single user and to perform multiple actions

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Consider an ADMIN A/c :-

Admin will have some extra features when compare to other account in term of testing will have more api's

for sign in process.

so if i combine  normal account with admin account means it will leads to unclear result

so am going to Test this account separately so

i created 4 simple controller

1) goto url

2)sign in process

3) creating order

4) downloading bills zip file

I created thread group of 10 VR - user's

i need to split these 10 user's into 5

so that 5 of them will create order's

and another 5 of them will download bills

how to split the Vr-user to do specific process ? by using single A/c

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You have to use Throughput Controller

1>Add-Thread-thread group

2>Add -two throughput controller  (split it according to your scenarios)

3>threadgroup-add-timer-constant throughput timer

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I will try it and let you know

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