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jMeter no internet connection for the mobile app

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     To perform Load test on Mobile App

      I tried to record script from mobile to jmeter. am facing some issue's i followed this website for the initial setup

After Completing the Setup, when i open my app to  record script it show's no internet connection 

and i followed this website for this issue.

But Still am facing same issue's .

Any one did load test on mobile app using jmeter 

Pls guide me 

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can you post your error message or stack trace? and please specify what error you are facing by editing the question.
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am not getting any error message in jmeter, when i open application in mobile it show's no  internet connection, but WiFi is connected.

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I am not a JMeter expert. But, I suspect that it does not work due to SSL certificate related issues. Your mobile application might be making calls to SSL API so you might need SSL certificates to be installed on JVM as all your traffic is routed through JMeter.
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Thank you @mayur
i will this one try and let you know.

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