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TestComplete vs QTP

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TestComplete vs QTP, which one is better? Let us know your views

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Both TestComplete and QTP are graphical interface record-payback automation tools. But they have a lot of difficulties.

  1. OS support. TestComplete supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, major Win 64-bit apps. QTP – only Windows XP.
  2. Browser support. QTP – Google Chrome (up to v.23), Internet Explorer, Firefox (v.21). TestComplete – IE, Chrome 31, Opera, Firefox.
  3. Language support. TestComplete – VB Script, JS Script, Delphi Script, C++, C#. QTP – VB Script and Java Script.
  4. Mobile support. TestComplete – Android and iOS platform support, Windows Desktop and Client/Server support. QTP – various commercial products (HP UFT Mobile – formerly MobileCloud for QTP).
  5. In QTP, continuous integration is possible through Quality Center/ALM or Jenkins. In TestComplete – with AQtrace and AQtime integration.
  6. Price. QTP is more expensive than TestComplete which has two versions (Enterprise and Standard).
  7. Execution speed of TestComplete is bigger than QTP.
  8. Presentation of reports. TestComplete provides results in a single pane, QTP – in an executive summary.
  9. Complexity. It is easier to study TestComplete as QTP has wider functionality.
  10. Script reusability. In QTP, scripts can be copied and reused. It is possible to pass the parameters from one action to another. QTP has an object repository concept. In TestComplete, scripts can be called from one another and can be reused.
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