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Do you just report a bug or provide a solution as well as a QA?

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My of my QA friends says that nowadays organization requires you to provide an easy fix for the bug as well apart from just reporting it. Does your organization expect you to provide the fix as well? How do you find a fix for the bug?
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Not getting your question
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Usually, in the organization testers are asked to provide the solution as well from their perspective. Say, you found some issue in the Date stored in the DB. So, in the bug report, apart from just reporting the steps to reproduce, the tester can write the solution as well. Like query to change the date format.
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Question is pretty much simple and easily understandable man....... :)

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Hay man, common....question is pretty much clear and understandable by everyone.....And its a different thing if anybody didn't get it based on his technical skills or technical experience.

Anyways......Hi Sunil Bhaskar,

Yes you are right, nowday's its becoming a trend in QA as well to provide solution for the bug reported. But those kind of testers are mainly not pure Black box testers...Those are white box testers having well knowledge of programming also...
But its true only in case of white box testers that they provide solutions to the Bug reported....Otherwise in Manual testing no tester is providing the solution to the bug....
Same case in Organization, if Organization hired White box testers in the team then team manager or TL expect solutions as its purely depends on testers skills (black box or White box).

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Thank you Amit :)

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