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How good is Tosca tool for a career in automation testing?

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What do you think of TOSCA automation too. How's the career looking ahead?

2 Answers

To begin with, it’s an awesome tool which not only teaches you how to automate but also gives you experience on various technologies that could b tested with single tool. I would certainly recommend all QA testers to get trained and hands-on on the tool.
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Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri (

My advice is, do not just learn single automation tool nor framework. If you want to go up the career ladder try to have self-motivation and self-driven mindset to learn an array of tools and frameworks. Go beyond...

Khushal Chate (

Tosca is not just an automation Tool, it’s a CONCEPT

Bilal Ahmed (

Tosca is not just an automation Tool, it’s a platform of many features under one umbrella...
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