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how to execute the IEBROWSER IN SELENIUM GRID.

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<!DOCTYPE suite SYSTEM "" >
<suite name="sampleTestSuite" verbose="1" >

 <test name="grid1">
 <parameter name="browserName" value="internetExplorer"></parameter>
 <parameter name="version" value="11"></parameter>
 <parameter name="platform" value="WINDOWS"></parameter>
      <class name="Selenium.grid1"/>


    private WebDriver driver;
    public void beforemethod(String browserName,String version,String platform ) throws MalformedURLException
        DesiredCapabilities cap;
         else if(browserName.equals("chrome"))
         else if(browserName.equals("internetExplorer"))
        driver=new RemoteWebDriver(new URL("http://localhost:4444/wd/hub"),cap);

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You can setup IE by downloading IEDRIVERSERVER from you can Google it for latest version.

You can set it up the same way you are setting chrome  driver. You have to use in your command line and set path to IEDriverServer.

Hope it helps.
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