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I am a software testing and software test automation professional. I am into software testing industry since 2k9. I love testing a software product, exploring the world and my family. In software testing, I have experience of testing more than 35 small and big applications. I have tested web applications, mobile applications, ETL applications and much more. I have got knowledge in multiple verticals like Finance, Banking, ECommmerce, Marketing, Gamming, and Education. Jenkins is my best friend. I am very good at Java, Git, IntelliJ, JavaScript, PHP, JUnit, TestNG, Linux, Mockito and many more testing frameworks and tools. I always try to utilize open source as much as possible. I even contribute to open source. Here is my Github profile: Maven profile: Apart from my work at Softcrylic, I sometimes undertake freelance consulting work. You can hire me on upwork here. Apart from Software testing, I love exploring the world. I have a blog where I share places I have visited.

Prajna C. Hegde

I went through the contents of the course. Couple of weeks back I was all ready to go for a online selenium training from some unknown centre in Hyderabad. Due to some reasons I delayed it. Your course is more than worth the delay. Can’t wait to start this course. Thanks a lot. About the […]

Clicking Check Box & Radio buttons

In all the example we have tried in the tutorial so far, we have not performed any action on “Checkbox” or “Radio Buttons”, Well in this tutorial we’ll see them all. Ideally “Checkbox” or “Radio Buttons” can be identified by simple “ID attributes”. But while doing actual automation that’s not the only thing we want. […]

Different ways to identify element using Selenium WebDriver’s findElement method

We learned in “Locators In Selenium IDE” chapter and looked by example how to use this locator in the Selenium IDE with examples. To use the same locator in Selenium Webdriver the general syntax is below. driver.findElement(By.<locatorName> (“<<Identifier>>”)); Element location Strategy: The findElement methods take a locator value or it query object called ‘By’. In […]

Writing The First Automated Test Using The Microsoft Edge Browser

In this article, We’ll see how to run selenium Script using Microsoft edge browser. If you don’t know about Microsoft Edge browser You can refer: here It is an advanced browser which designed for Window’s 10. So before start using Webdriver to automate test cases on Microsoft edge make sure you have window’s 10 version […]