Welcome to Software Testing Board

Software Testing Board is intended to act as a platform for Software Testing Professionals.

We have different sub-sites that can help you interact with Software Testing Professionals.

  1. Tutorials site(STB Tutorials): The tutorials site creates a platform for our users (Software Testing Professionals) to share their tutorials. This site contains various tutorials about tools, frameworks, products, methodology and any other thing that is being used in the software testing industry.
  2. Meetups site(STB Meetups): We organize a monthly online meetup through Google Hangout and YouTube. One of you will present their idea about the software testing and you can interact with them with your queries.
  3. Reviews site(STB Reviews): Software Testing Board(STB) Reviews site is a place where you can share your experience with various frameworks, tools, programming languages, and methodologies used in software testing. We have grouped all of them in respective categories.
  4. STB Jobs: Software Testing Board’s Job’s Site let employers hunt their ideal testers. It is a platform where the employers who are looking for software testing professionals and software testing personnel themselves come along and find their ideal match.
  5. Questions and Answers(Q&A) site: The Question and Answer site is the best way to interact with other professionals and get an answer to your queries.
  6. Blogs: We have users who are looking forward to sharing their thoughts, tips, and tricks about the framework, methodology, tools with other users. Articles from them can be found in the user blogs site.